Application Form for Ph.D. candidates

Academic year:October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019
Duration of Grant:up to ten [10] months
Limit age:40 years old
Deadline for submission of candidatures:February 28, 2018
Application Date01/20/2018

All answers should be written in CLEAR, CAPITAL letters either in Greek, English or French

01. Family Name (surname):
(as written on your passport)
02. First Name(s):
03. Current Academic Status:
04. Level of research to be covered by the scholarship:
05. University-Faculty-Department / Institution:


06. Country and place of birth:
07. Nationality:
08. Date of birth:
09. Age:
10. Sex (Male/Female):
11. Present citizenship:
12. Passport number:
13. Country of residence:
14. Marital status: 15. No. of children (if any):
(number or empty)


16. Office Address: 17. City:
18. Postal code: 19. Country:
20. Office Telephone (+country & area code): 21. e-mail:
22. Fax number (+country & area code): Mobile:


23. Home address:
24. City:
25. Postal code:
26. Country:
27. Home Telephone (+country & area code):
28. e-mail:
29. Please indicate which address should be used for future correspondence:


30. Father’s full name: 31. Father’s occupation:
32. Mother’s full name: 33. Mother’s occupation:
34. Spouse’s full name: 35. Spouse’s occupation:
36. Have you ever visited Greece?: If so, when?
From: To:
For what purpose?


37. Have you applied for an Onassis International Fellowship before?
If yes, please indicate:
i) how many times have you applied:
ii) the academic year(s):
iii) the category of the fellowship:
38. Have you been granted an Onassis International Fellowship before?
If yes, please indicate:
i) the academic year(s):
ii) the category of the fellowship:

39. Persons to be notified in case of emergency (list below name, address, phones and relationship):

In Greece:In your country:


40. Please state the title of your Doctoral (Ph.D.) Dissertation together with a brief summary of the subject explaining the reasons for your application:

Summary & reasons for application:
41. Proposed DURATION OF STUDIES in Greece:
From (not before Oct. 1st):
Months in total [up to 10]:
NOTE: The grant does NOT cover the period of August.

42. RESEARCH: Please describe any research project or other activity you have completed or in which you are currently involved:
43. If you have already applied to any educational Institutions in Greece for admission, please list names & results:
44. Fill in the name(s) of the University or educational Institution(s) you intend to cooperate with in Greece as well as the name(s) of the Professor(s) and explain your choice:
Reason for choice:
45. If you have studied at any other University / Institution in Greece, please indicate: :
Final Grade:
Degree, Diploma:
46. Write a complete and detailed description of your further study plans:
47. EDUCATION: List educational Institutions attended and/or still attending (chronologically: major field of studies, degree obtained, final grade and date received or expected). Please provide official copies (A4 paper size: 297X210mm) of all listed certificates and diplomas. Originals will not be returned.
INSTITUTION (name & country)
48. LANGUAGES: (Rate yourself: Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor). Indicate mother tongue and your knowledge of Modern or Ancient
Greek (if any):
49. Indicate Academic Honours or Distinctions you have received (if any):
50. List of publications, if any. Copies of them could be useful for the final decision.
51. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: List positions held (begin with the most recent position, name and address of employer, type of work, dates):
52. List professional societies, fraternities, artistic or athletic clubs or other organisations of which you are a member:
53. FUTURE CAREER PLANS: Describe the career you wish to pursue after completion of your studies:


54. Please state your present source of income:
55. List scholarships or fellowships held at present as well as those awarded to you in the past (indicate source or sponsor amount, duration [month & year], purpose):

DURATION (month, year)

56. Do you carry any Health Insurance?
57. Do you need any help in obtaining visa (if a visa is required)?

58. Please indicate whether you have applied or are planning to apply for a fellowship/grant for the same academic year to any other organization, government or educational Institution in any country. (This information will not prejudice the Foundation’s decision on your application).


Additional requirements:
As stated in the Announcement of the 24th Onassis Fellowships Program for International Scholars, the following documents must be addressed by post to the Onassis Foundation no later than February 28, 2018:
1. Official copies of all university diploma(s)/degree(s), with final grade(s), translated in either Greek, English or French and legalized by Public Authority
2. Official transcript or university record showing grades obtained in each course for all previous years of study, where the final grade of the diploma / degree will be clearly stated
3. A certificate from the University where the applicant is currently enrolled, attesting that he/she is enrolled for postgraduate studies/doctoral diploma and the exact title of the post-graduate thesis or the doctoral dissertation
4. A certificate attesting adequate knowledge of the Greek language. Please contact the relevant university departments or language schools or Greek embassy offices in your country for more information. Please note that basic knowledge of the Greek language is a necessary prerequisite for applying, unless the applicant can prove that the research can be conducted in another language. The certificate can be submitted at a later date, but no later than March 31st, 2018.
5. Two [2] original recommendation letters in either Greek, English or French, from your Supervising Professor(s) from the Institution where you are currently pursuing your doctoral dissertation, justifying your research in Greece, which should be addressed to the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, Onassis Fellowships Program for International Scholars
6. Two [2] original recommendation letters in either Greek, English or French, from qualified persons in Greece, which
should be addressed to the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, Onassis Fellowships Program for International Scholars.
In case you have no contact with scholars in Greece, you may send four [4] recommendation letters (in total)
from University Professors or qualified persons outside Greece
7. A detailed Curriculum Vitae
8. A note duly signed with the following statement: I hereby certify that all information included in this application form is true and that I will submit to the Foundation all the relevant supporting documents, if required. In case of false or inaccurate information, I am aware that the application is withdrawn from the evaluation process.